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TAP to spend 1 mln euro to support postgraduate energy studies

TAP to spend 1 mln euro to support postgraduate energy studies

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG on Friday announced a one-million-euro initiative for funding Master’s degree programmes in the energy sector, offered by the University and the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Western Macedonia – the Prefecture’s two tertiary education institutions.

The investment is implemented in the context of the collaboration between TAP and the Bodossaki Foundation.

As part of this initiative, TAP will subsidise 50 pct of the tuition fees over five years for 90 students/year who will attend the Master’s programmes:

– “Energy Resources Technologies & Management,” offered by the University of Western Macedonia.

– The Greek-Azeri Inter-university programme “Petroleum Oil and Gas Management & Transportation,” M.Sc. MOGMAT, offered by the TEI of Western Macedonia in collaboration with the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

The funding was announced in an open event held at the Main Hall of the TEI of Western Macedonia in Kastoria on Thursday.

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