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Gov’t presents new, mostly lower, special property tax rate

Gov’t presents new, mostly lower, special property tax rate

About 23 pct of property owners in Greece will pay a reduced special property tax this year, while 62 pct will see no change, 12 pct will pay up to 50 euros more, 2.3 pct will see increases of 50-200 euros and 0.7 pct will see their tax increase by more than 200 euros, the finance ministry said on Tuesday.

In an announcement, the ministry said that, in total, 97 pct of property owners will pay special property taxes that are either lower, unchanged or only slightly increased compared with the previous year.

The finance ministry presented changes to special property tax rates and a readjustment in official real estate prices.

A related ministerial decision will be tabled in Parliament by Wednesday. The ministerial decision completes actions to harmonise official and commercial property prices in the Greek real estate market, as agreed in the second memorandum signed with creditors in 2012.

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