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Mitsotakis at TIF: These are the 21 support measures announced by the prime minister

The Greek PM announced emergency measures amounting to 5.5 billion euros during his speech at the 86th TIF in Thessaloniki.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that 2,300,000 vulnerable citizens will receive emergency financial aid of 250 euros in December. At the same time, the student accommodation allowance increases from 1,000 to 1,500 euros.

Regarding the energy crisis, the prime minister said that incentives and disincentives for energy saving will be announced in October, while there will be provision for households with gas.

In more detail:

– 250 euro allowance for unemployed low pensioners

– An additional payment to beneficiaries of child benefit

– The housing allowance for students increases to 1,500 euros, from 1,000 euros – For those who live together, the allowance goes to 2,000 euros per person.

– The heating allowance will reach 300 million euros from 174 million euros – The presumptions are being expanded to include 1.3 million households

– Those who consume oil instead of electricity, for the first time, the allowance will be doubled

– Measures to reduce heating costs for all consumers

– Emergency subsidy to farmers EUR 60 million as a defense to the cost of fertilizers – 50,000 livestock farmers will get EUR 89 million for animal feed

– Beneficiaries of change device increase to 200,000 with 140 million Euros from the PDE

– The network will receive power from individual consumers

– We will finance individual photovoltaics in homes and businesses so that they consume their own electricity

– Additional incentives to extend the tourist season by expanding tourism for all with 600,000 new beneficiaries

– Armed forces salary examination of long-term enlisted men

– 40% discount on insurance contributions for new employees

– Businesses making new hires will not pay a referral fee

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