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A “small Ellinikon project” is being built in the port of Rhodes (photos)

A “little Ellinikon” will emerge in the coming years in Rhodes.

This is how the ambitious project that Marines Rodou S.A. can be described.

This is an investment that is estimated to exceed 220 million euros and promises to transform the wider marina area, which occupies a large part of the beach front of the city of Rhodes, into a high-end tourist pole of high standards, significantly upgrading the tourist product of Knights Island, particularly in the rising segment of high-income visitors.

The master plan of the investment – by the hand of the famous architectural giant Benoy in collaboration with the Greek architectural office Mitakidis and Associates – envisages the development of a complex project with luxury villas and residences, a shopping center, shops, a yachting club, a hotel, up to a heliport and a watercourse.

Furthermore, the project will be a model in terms of the utilization of green solutions, as well as a focus of development and employment for the local community.

Its final design will of course depend on various factors.

It should be noted that in 2009 the area where the marina is located today was still rocks and in 2016, after investments of tens of millions of euros, it was transformed into one of the best and most modern marinas in the Mediterranean.

From 2019, Marines Rhodes S.A. has passed into the control of a strong fund of American-Cypriot interests, which has the necessary capital base for the demanding new venture.

The Rhodes Marina was also visited in November 2021 by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, accompanied by government ministers, who was informed in detail about the project by the head of the company, Thomas Triantafillou.

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Based on the master plan of the investment, it is planned to create 5 residential buildings and 22 luxury villas.

Regarding the commercial uses, in addition to the existing buildings, it is planned to create new spaces for shops and offices, a hotel, a four-story yachting club, while the capacity of the marina will reach 620 berths from small boats to ultra-luxury yachts of 100 meters.

Regarding the schedule, the port projects will be implemented in the first phase as all the studies have been completed and their construction will start within the year, to be followed by the residential buildings and other infrastructure in the coming years.

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