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Revival of traditional professions: Exploring new opportunities

With the emergence of new businesses and the expansion of existing ones, there is a renewed interest in traditional professions, paving the way for up to 100,000 new technical jobs over the next decade.

Research and data from the Athens Chamber of Crafts highlight a growing demand for technical skills, particularly in fields like electrical engineering for digital services, construction, crafts, and energy.

However, there is a significant shortage of qualified technical staff, posing a risk of losing valuable expertise. To address this, the following steps are recommended:

  • Enhancing the prestige of technical professions through vocational training and career guidance.
  • Developing incentives to attract individuals with lower educational qualifications to technical fields.

In 2023, the Athens Chamber of Crafts saw 34,659 members, with 1,222 new openings and 526 closures mainly due to retirement.

Interestingly, dynamic sectors like textiles and construction are now attracting more attention from investors and employees compared to previous years.

Industries like clothing, carpentry, metals, food and beverages, jewelry, automotive, and construction are witnessing significant interest, with high demand for electricians, computer engineers, and graphic artists.

Additionally, there is a rise in registrations for hairdressing, dry cleaning, and carpet cleaning services.

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To support the revival of traditional entrepreneurship, the Athens Chamber of Crafts calls for government intervention, including:

  • Flexible financial tools and incentives to encourage innovation and skill development.
  • Tax reforms, including abolishing business tax, reducing VAT rates, and corporate tax rates.
  • Reduction of non-wage costs and introduction of tax-free rates on net profits invested in productive activities and job creation.
  • Establishment of unencumbered business accounts and separation of VAT numbers to facilitate financial operations and prevent bankruptcy.

By addressing these recommendations, the government can play a crucial role in revitalizing traditional professions and fostering economic growth.

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