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Bank of Greece: 16% increase in tourist traffic in January 2024

Inbound tourist traffic in January 2024 increased by 16%.

According to the Bank of Greece, the number of travellers who visited our country in January reached 737.3 thousand.

This development resulted in tourism receipts increasing by 27.1% compared to the same month in 2023, as they stood at 278.3 million euros, compared to 219.0 million euros respectively.

Traffic at airports

In more detail, travel through airports increased by 11.7% compared to January 2023 and that through road border stations by 24.8%.

The increase in inbound travel traffic was driven by both a 24.9% increase in travel from EU-27 countries and an 8.3% increase in travel from non-EU-27 countries.

More specifically, travel from euro area countries amounted to 254.7 thousand travellers, up by 21.2%, while travel from EU-27 countries outside the euro area also increased by 34.4% to 112.8 thousand travellers.

In particular, travel from Germany increased by 8.6% to 70.2 thousand travellers, while travel from France increased by 35.4% to 42.6 thousand travellers.

With regard to non-EU-27 countries, travel from the United Kingdom decreased by 39.2% to 36.2 thousand travellers, while that from the United States reached 54.6 thousand travellers, an increase of 260.2%. Finally, there was no travel from Russia.

In terms of revenue, receipts from residents of EU-27 countries increased by 63.3% to €149.0 million, while receipts from residents of non-EU-27 countries also increased by 1.0% (January 2024: €126.5 million, January 2023: €125.2 million).

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The increase in receipts from EU-27 residents was the result of a 49.6% increase in receipts from euro area residents (January 2024: €115.5 million, January 2023: €77.2 million), as well as a 138.8% increase in receipts from non-euro area residents of EU-27 countries, to €33.5 million.

In particular, as regards the main countries of origin of euro area travellers, receipts from Germany increased by 34.7% to €29.0 million, while receipts from France increased by 83.0% to €20.0 million.

Among non-EU-27 countries, receipts from the United Kingdom rose by 8.1% to €20.0 million and receipts from the United States increased by 63.6% to €23.1 million. Finally, there were no receipts from Russia.

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